Job and Career Transitions


I manage your job search with you–we break down the tasks to complete and design a timeline, then I hold you accountable to it.  The process is customized to your needs, but normally includes:

  • preparing a polished résumé that is ready to be customized to each job ad,
  • identifying specific jobs to which you will apply,
  • drafting a cover letter, personal statement, or professional school essay,
  • customizing application documents to each ad,
  • preparing and practicing answers to commonly-ask job interview questions,
  • doing a mock interview to practice all the interview “do’s” and avoid all the “don’ts.”

$150 per session: Usually one session plus email follow up per item above. To stay on track with tasks & timelines, a single session can also be divided into weekly touch points with email follow-ups and billed every four weeks.

Do you prefer a-la-carte services? I offer feedback and editing on a single draft of a 1-2 page document for $30.  

Email to get started.

Need help figuring out what it is you want to do?  Consider Jodi Torzewski’s Career Consultation services.


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