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What Are the Career Advantages to Being Multilingual?

Last spring, Freakonomics did a podcast, “Is Learning a Foreign Language Really Worth It?“ The answer?  From an economic standpoint, no.  Higher earnings is not an outcome of language study, according to all the data provided for the above reporting. In … Continue reading

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Why Is Customizing Your Resume Both Harder and Easier than You Think?

One of the first things I hear from new clients who are in career transition is: “I can’t customize my resume to every job ad I respond to. That’s impossible!” Everybody wants one resume that they can use to apply … Continue reading

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Looking for a Journalistic Take on LinkedIn?

I was thrilled to hear this report from Sally Herships on Marketplace last week: “Does LinkedIn work for job seekers?”   This is exactly what I have been looking for for a long time: a take on LinkedIn from someone not … Continue reading

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