How Can A Career Coach Help Me? Here’s One Example: A Resume “Before” and “After”

Check out this screencast to see a specific example of the services I offer.  This screencast walks you through a “before” and “after” of a single resume (my single document Quick Check package is $25).  In the screencast, you see the client’s draft. I offer general feedback; in this case, that included:

  • don’t bury the lead,  
  • present yourself as a professional (not as a student),
  • avoid abbreviation,
  • be consistent with your verb tenses,
  • avoid duplicate information (on the resume as well as throughout the application materials),
  • have another pair of eyes look over everything before submitting.  

Then I use track changes to provide very specific feedback.  The resulting resume is a polished generic resume that you would have to customize to each and every job ad (and I can help with multiple drafts of multiple documents as well:

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