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What Do You Mean I Have To Re-write My Resume for Every Job Application?

You don’t have to start over with a blank page for each job application, but you do have to take the time to fine tune your generic resume to fit each job description.  Here’s an example.  What you will see … Continue reading

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Why I Love the Life of the Mind and Practical Workplace Skills Equally

I love the humanities, the life of the mind, and learning for the sake of learning & personal growth. I also love all the real-world practical applications of my learning: efficiency, clear & concise messages, check lists that with each … Continue reading

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One Student’s Story: Why Should I Hire a Coach When Campus Career Services Are Free?

Here’s one student’s story that illustrates the value of a single coaching session: This guy has amazing experiences–a summer internship with the federal government in DC, another with a top tech company in Silicon Valley, and yet another with a … Continue reading

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Students at the Famously NOT Practical University of Chicago Get Schooled in Practical Applications for their Spanish

Within the humanities, there is a tension between the life of the mind and practical, professional training.   Traditionally, the humanities are dedicated to “development of the whole person” or “learning for learning’s sake,” which  provides a solid foundation for … Continue reading

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Thank You for Coming In Today. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

“Thank you for coming in today. Do you have any questions for us?” Most candidates hear those words and rejoice! Hallelujah, this interview is over! Now I can jump up, rush out of here, and breathe. But your last impressions … Continue reading

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How Do I Illustrate My Strengths on My Resume?

When advising clients on their job search documents and interview preparation, I am always saying things like, “tell stories that illustrate that you are a perfect fit for the company and position,” or “share anecdotes that show you are the standout candidate.” … Continue reading

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