Next Wednesday, February 5th: Career Planning Workshop for Spanish and Portuguese Students at Tufts

IMG_1345Next Wednesday’s job search workshop for Spanish and Portuguese students at Tufts University has an ambitious agenda: we’ll address all these questions:

How Are Your Language Experiences Represented on Your Résumé?

Can You Explain Everything on Your Résumé Clearly and Concisely?

Letter of Recommendation Requests: What Should You Include?

How Can You Connect Your Language Major to Your Career Aspirations?

Are You Ready to Make a Good First Impression? Use the Elevator Pitch!

Can You Highlight Your Language Studies at Networking Events and in Interviews?

Are You Ready for An Elegant Close?  

In the week leading up, I’d love to hear from some Tufts students.  What are your career aspirations?  What do you think the connections are between studying Spanish or Portuguese and those careers?  

Leave a comment here or post it on Facebook.

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