Why Would I Pay darcylear.com When I Can Go to Campus Career Services for Free?

That excellent question came to me by way of Ann Abbott, whose “Spanish and Entrepreneurship” students will be working with me throughout the spring 2014 semester.

Based on that feedback, I’ve updated my home page with the following information:

Most campus career offices offer excellent career planning services that are general enough to apply to every student on campus. You should start there and prepare solid drafts of all your job search materials–resume, cover letter, personal statements, professional school applications, interview preparation.  

Most campus career service offices do not have enough personnel to provide in-depth one-on-one career planning to each student–especially not for the unique skill sets of foreign language students.  For example, can career services tell you:

…how to describe your foreign language proficiency on your resume?  

…how to represent your coursework, travel abroad, service-learning, and volunteer work in a job interview?

…how to make clear, specific connections between your lived experiences and the soft skills that employers most want in new hires?

…how to describe for interviewers exactly how you fulfill one of their unmet needs?  

If you’ve used career services well, my services will cost $25-$50 because you will only need a QuickCheck.

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