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What Industry Do You Want to Use Your Language Skills In?

This a frequent topic of the campus workshops I lead on getting started on your job search with a language degree. Some students have a vague idea that a major or minor in a language will help them in their … Continue reading

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What Is the Value of Studying the Humanities?

Click on this link and the headline that comes up is “This Is Irrefutable Evidence of The Value of a Humanities Education.” But the “irrefutable evidence” provided in this article undermines its own title.  “Irrefutable” would be statistically significant data, … Continue reading

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Next Wednesday, February 5th: Career Planning Workshop for Spanish and Portuguese Students at Tufts

Next Wednesday’s job search workshop for Spanish and Portuguese students at Tufts University has an ambitious agenda: we’ll address all these questions: How Are Your Language Experiences Represented on Your Résumé? Can You Explain Everything on Your Résumé Clearly and … Continue reading

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Reflections on Career Coaching: My 100th Blog Post

Last fall, I traveled to 7 campuses in 5 states to lead job search workshops for foreign language students.   As with so many other things in my life, my Mom was there to support me: I kicked off the … Continue reading

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Why Would I Pay When I Can Go to Campus Career Services for Free?

That excellent question came to me by way of Ann Abbott, whose “Spanish and Entrepreneurship” students will be working with me throughout the spring 2014 semester. Based on that feedback, I’ve updated my home page with the following information: Most … Continue reading

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Do You Know Enough About Your Dream Career?

It always surprises me when I work with clients who say “I really want to work in LA” or “I want to apply my skills in the interior design industry,” but then when I probe as to why and what … Continue reading

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Why I Agree with When It Says Spanish as a Job Skill No Longer Impresses Recruiters

In this article says highlighting your Spanish skills on your resume won’t make it stand out in today’s competitive job market. I agree. 100% There are two reasons I agree–one has to do with listing skills on your resume and … Continue reading

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