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Why Is Career Coaching Important?

 I was recently asked these questions by a current undergraduate: Why is career counseling important?  What is the definition of career counseling? For great answers to both, read Donna Sweidan’s interview with Learnvest.   My work falls on the side … Continue reading

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Do You Know How to Work in a Team?

Students hear the word “teamwork” and often groan–some feel like they always bear more of the burden for the project than other team member, some dread the logistics of finding time to meet outside of class, and almost everyone feels … Continue reading

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Make Sure Your Professional Correspondence Is Something the Recipient Will Reply To

This week’s video tip is in the form of a screencast. It walks you through the elements of an email, detailing the DOs and DON’Ts of email writing for a professional context.  Click here to see the Jing screencast.

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Are You Ready to Make a Good Last Impression?

First impressions and last impressions are the ones that stick.   Most of us are ready to make a good first impressions, but then when it’s time to take leave sometimes we forget our manners.  That can leave a bad … Continue reading

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Should I Put It On My Resume?

Should I put it on my resume? This is a frequently-asked question at the job search workshops I lead.  The answer is almost always: “it depends.”   For your first job out of college, it might be appropriate to have … Continue reading

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When it Comes to the Job Search, Why Is It All ‘Gray Area?’ Tales from a Campus Visit to Rider University

On Thursday, November 21st I conducted a workshop with foreign language students and their professors at Rider University. The topic was “Getting Started on Your Job Search with a Language Degree.” One of my favorite things about the job search … Continue reading

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What Parallels Are There Between Language Learning and Job Searching?

 Afterward the workshop with language students at Rider University on November 21, 2013, three faculty members took me to lunch at Fedora Cafe in downtown Lawrenceville, NJ.  It was fun to relax with fellow language educators and to hear about … Continue reading

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