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Want to Be the Candidate Who Gets a Job When You Graduate? Study a Language.

As the new academic year starts, a lot is being written about “millennials /Gen Y’s” access to the tight job market. Yesterday Lindsey Pollak, author of Getting From College to Career, posted “How To Attract Millennial Employees.” Today listed … Continue reading

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Language Students: You Have an Advantage Over Other Job Candidates When It Comes to This Coveted Workplace Skill–Communication!

Here’s an example of poor workplace communication that language students would instinctively know to avoid: You’re new to a committee (or a job!)  and in the first meeting you are told: “Let me know if you don’t get future memos.“ … Continue reading

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First Week of Classes: Are You Ready to Network?

It’s the first week of classes on most semester-system campuses and this week is the perfect opportunity to practice your networking skills.   Does it feel awkward?  Yes!  That’s why you have to do it now when the stakes are … Continue reading

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Why Should You Go to Office Hours?

It’s that time of year when college students are returning to campus, settling in with all the friends they haven’t seen in a few months, and hitting the malls for all of their back-to-school needs. In the meantime, faculty are … Continue reading

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What’s Your Cultural Perspective on Taking Compliments?

  The Comedy Central program, Inside Amy Schumer, did a skit on women (not) taking compliments that went viral.  It’s an extended version of this response to a compliment on your clothes: “What? This old rag!?” This is about culture … Continue reading

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Bing Crosby, Millennials, and Each Generation’s Ushering in the End of Morality

“The Millennials” or “Gen Y”–all you recent college grads–are freaking out the older generation.  And it’s probably your cell phone’s fault.   But before you, there was Gen X and before that there was Bing Crosby and the crooners. And … Continue reading

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Always Have Someone Else Proofread Your Application Materials

Last week I posted a video tip of the week to always have someone else proofread your work. There are a lot of reasons for this. Here are a few: 1- Typos have a way of escaping the notice of … Continue reading

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