A NOBLE Resource for Business Language Educators

noble_2012The Network of Business Educators website is an excellent resource for language educators (and students) who are interested in applying language skills in the professional workplace.  “This site compiles resources, news, and events to help educators prepare students with language and culture skills for the 21st century workplace.”  

One example from the homepage is a link to the journal Global Business Languages, where my article “Preparing Business Language Students to Meet Employer Needs” appears.

In the article, I argue that specific workplace skills (such as email writing, letter of recommendation requests, and cover letter content related to language studies) should be explicitly integrated into university business language curricula.  

These are the same skills that I work with private clients to perfect when they are out of college and trying to land a job. But why wait until college is over to get to work on job search materials and interview skills?

NOBLE also has a Facebook page that is frequently updated with novel posts.  A few recent examples include:

  • a group of University of Florida students working on a consulting project with executives from a Brazilian company in Curitiba,
  • an article about the impact of being “wired” to life at home during the study abroad experience,
  • an article about the mismatch between the preparation universities provide and the skills that employers need in new graduates, and
  • an article that argues that careers services as it now exists must die (and be re-invented?).

Please “Like” NOBLE on Facebook to follow these and other trends in language education & career possibilities for language students.

Darcy Lear is a Chicago-based career coach specializing in training students to highlight their language studies so they standout in the job search and workplace. For one-on-one coaching or to set up a workshop, contact Darcy: darcylear@gmail.com
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