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Are You Are Always Networking? You Should Be!

Networking is not a two-events-per-year thing.   The term “Networking Events” might be misleading in the sense that it: a) implies that you have to be at a labeled ‘event’ to network and b) those events are going to provide … Continue reading

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A NOBLE Resource for Business Language Educators

The Network of Business Educators website is an excellent resource for language educators (and students) who are interested in applying language skills in the professional workplace.  “This site compiles resources, news, and events to help educators prepare students with language … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for the Morning Commute? And What Does That Have To Do with Culture?

The sights and sounds of the commute to work. It’s 8 AM. Gone are the days of missing your 11:00 class because you overslept. This is culture! It’s one small aspect of a workplace culture: Does everybody stay until 8 … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert Weighs In…Is Speaking French the Same as Knowing How to Use PowerPoint?

Last week, Steven Colbert reported on the Edward Snowden whistleblower case. In the story, he talked about highlighting your language skills on your résumé and in interviews…sort of. Follow this link to watch the Colbert story and pay attention to … Continue reading

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These Interview Questions Are Trick Questions. Do You Know Why?

When I work with language students who are preparing for networking events and interviews, we break the questions into categories, two of which are: broad general questions and specific questions that require detailed illustrations to answer. Today’s post is about the broad general … Continue reading

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Can You Answer This Essay Question from a Medical School Application?

Here is an actual medical school essay prompt that one of my clients had to answer as part of her medical school application: The University of XXX College of Medicine is committed to excellence in education which prepares graduates to … Continue reading

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Interview Mistakes: And How To Use Language Studies To Avoid Them

  Foreign language minors and majors: did you know that a lot of interview advice and interview mistakes can be addressed by using your language studies? Samuel Hershberger’s post, The 13 Dumbest Job Interview Mistakes from The SavvyIntern blog at YouTurn … Continue reading

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Are You Ready To Make a Good First Impression in Your Face-to-Face Communications?

Friday, May 31, 2013. It was the second-to-last day of class for students in French 309, “French for Commerce & Industry,” at Northwestern University. They had just started the unit of interviews in the previous class and their final exam would … Continue reading

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