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Can You Use Your Foreign Language Studies To Answer This Common Job Interview Question?

Last week I wrote a post about body language and how having studied foreign languages and cultures is an advantage in networking and interview situations. Now here’s how you could use the story of an experience with body language in … Continue reading

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What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

…and how can studying foreign languages help you? My body language bad habit is standing with my arms crossed, especially when I am in an uncomfortable or new situation (which networking events and job interviews almost always are).   The … Continue reading

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Make Meetings Matter…Please!

Having spent a lot of time in meetings recently, I find myself reflecting on why so many meetings are so dreaded by attendees. My conclusion: as attendees there is not much we can do about it…be attentive, well-mannered, and participate … Continue reading

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Students, Universities, and Career Services: Can They Work Together to Improve New Graduates’ Professional Lives?

During graduation season, the career blogs have been aflutter over student preparation for the job market & professional life. CNBC did the story about bad behavior in interviews: “Managers to Millennials: Job Interview No Time to Text“. Time Magazine did … Continue reading

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Use Your Language Experiences to Land a New Job

Yesterday I posed the challenge to think of how you could use your foreign language classes, study abroad, service learning, or volunteer work to demonstrate some of the skills’s article said employers want.   Today, let’s consider some possible … Continue reading

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Can You Use Your Language & Culture Skills to Behave Appropriately in Every Professional Situation?

Last week I profiled Dan Sirota, a successful businessman who uses his love of food to get ahead. Dan is a person who takes great pleasure in international cuisine and sharing meals with colleagues all over the world.   But … Continue reading

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Need a Specific Example of Your Language Level for Your Job Search Materials? Describe Your Telephone Skills.

Do you know how to take a phone message in a foreign language? That could make you the stand apart candidate in a competitive job search. Telephone interactions are more challenging than face-to-face interactions in part because there are no … Continue reading

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Do You Have Spanish on Your Résumé? Can You Answer This Interview Question in Spanish?

Does your résumé state that you are comfortable using Spanish in a professional context? If so, can you answer this interview question: “Cuénteme de una vez que usó su español para resolver un problema.”   As with any part of … Continue reading

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Check Out This Successful Businessman Who Uses His Love of Food to Get Ahead

When Dan Sirota spoke to a group of business language educators at a conference in Bloomington, Indiana last month, here’s what he talked about: Cuisine, cuisine, cuisine. He said the word “cuisine” about 100 times. He sucked me in with … Continue reading

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