Want to Know How to Use Language Degrees to Get a Consulting Job?

Bower_David_133x200David Bower is a twenty-something Indiana University graduate who has a plum consulting job with Simon-Kucher & Partners.  He uses his business degree in his work to be sure.

But what made him the standout candidate when he was interviewing at SKP?

His language degrees.

When David goes for job interviews, he’s up against a lot of peers who have the same foundation in business he has.  SKP was looking for someone who could help them expand into key international markets. They knew they needed someone who did more than just speak Spanish and Portuguese. The candidate had to understand the subtleties of different cultures, move comfortably in and out of various communities, and possess the intuition to behave appropriately in any context.  And David was their guy because he had lived and worked in Honduras and Brazil.

What’s the proof?

Early in David’s time at SKP, he was at a meeting in Europe. The CEO of the 600-employee company called him out and said “you’re the guy who speaks Spanish and Portuguese!?” (He was the one and only!)  The CEO looked at everyone else around the table, pointed to David and said, “This guy is the future!”

Be the future.  Leverage your language and cultures experience to be the one person in a large pool of candidates who the company needs on board.

Need help preparing your application and interview materials? Contact: darcylear@gmail.com

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