Are You Prepared for Your Most Important Presentation: The Job Interview?

officeJob interviews are presentations. And you can use your time in college to practice for that even as you’re slogging through whatever presentations your professors require of you.  

Here are 5 examples of how you can be preparing for a job interview while doing a class presentation:

1) no note cards. Throw out your note cards. Really, would you even consider taking note cards to an interview?

2) dress just well enough to slightly stand out over your classmates. Take a little time to be conscious of your appearance, just as you would in a job interview. You don’t have to dress to job interview levels (that might make you stand out too much and cause discomfort that negatively impacts your presentation). Khakis and a golf shirt would make a student standout as well dressed in most classes I have taught. And nobody does a good job presenting in sweats and an old t-shirt. Last week, PR Daily had a great article on this and other body language tips: How to Speak Body Language During an Interview.

3) be the source of knowledge. In an interview, you are the expert on you, but you also have to research the company, show that you know a lot about the position and the context, and ask unique, well-thought-out questions. Same goes for a college presentation: don’t just repeat stuff everybody already knows or has already uncovered on their own. In both cases, you won’t succeed if you don’t stand out as the expert on your topic in the room.

4) use props to supplement and enhance, not to distract or depend upon (see the above PR Daily link for hand gesture advice)

5) Practice, practice, practice. Of course, my favorite piece of advice in the PR Daily article is “mirror image–“practice in a mirror–or any other way that works for you. Just practice.

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll ace your presentations while also preparing for job interviews!

If you need help preparing for job interviews or just want to practice over Skype or Face Time, contact me:

If you are preparing for a Skype interview, be sure to practice with someone–anyone! Eye contact issues are taken to a whole new level on Skype or Face Time. Do you make eye contact with the person’s image on the screen? Or do you make eye contact with the tiny camera dot on the top of your computer monitor? How do you avoid looking at yourself in that little box in the corner?

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