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Professional emails: DOs and DON’Ts

Below I have pasted a Spanish-language post I wrote for students in a course I taught called “Spanish for the Professions.”  For non Spanish speakers, it largely consists of the following email DOs and DON’Ts: DON’T: DO: DON’T: Send ‘mysterious’ messages … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared for Your Most Important Presentation: The Job Interview?

Job interviews are presentations. And you can use your time in college to practice for that even as you’re slogging through whatever presentations your professors require of you.   Here are 5 examples of how you can be preparing for … Continue reading

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3 Things You Must Do to Get a Good Letter of Recommendation

Do you need a lot of letters of recommendation for grad school and / or job applications? Follow these three steps to have the best chance at getting excellent letters: 1) provide your full name, dates of experience with recommender, … Continue reading

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Professional Tip of the Day: Learn People’s Names

This is something you can practice a lot while still in college.  Make a point of getting to know the names of all your professors and classmates. It will make a huge difference in your professional life to be “good” … Continue reading

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Improve Your Resume in Ten Minutes or Less: Follow These 4 Quick Tips

If you already have a resume drafted, take 10 minutes to follow these four steps to improve it: 1) Cross out any of these vague descriptors: helped with, supported, related to, concerning. 2) Replace those terms with action verbs that … Continue reading

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Why Don’t All Professionals Behave Professionally?

I’m sure volumes could be (and have been) written on why all professionals don’t behave professionally.   The only universals seem to be:  All professionals don’t follow all professional advice. Professionals going about their day-to-day work like to interact with … Continue reading

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Do You Know How to Include “Spanish” on Your Resume?

An update on this post that includes specific examples is now available here: “How to Include ‘Spanish’ on Your Resumes–A Specific Example.” Last week, in a post titled “Including ‘Skills’ and ‘Spanish’ on Your Resume. Do You Need Either?” I wrote … Continue reading

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