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Professional Presentations: How to NOT Infuriate Your Audience

The Globe and Mail recently posted a list of things NOT to say in a presentation. I agree with many of them (“I know some of these slides are difficult to read,” “I know I’m over my time”–these infuriate me!) … Continue reading

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Including “Skills” and “Spanish” on Your Resume. Do You Need Either?

Should the “Skills” section be stricken from the resume template? The “Skills” section is a great place for unique abilities that are relatively new and cutting edge. If you know a coding language that very few people know, that would … Continue reading

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Professional Conversations in Hollywood and in Real Life

On tv and in the movies, phone conversations always go like this: -Hi, it’s me… -OK Click. Last week on 30 Rock, there was a great running joke poking fun at the incompleteness of those Hollywood conversations. Liz Lemmon calls the adoption … Continue reading

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Professors’ Best Kept Secrets: They Won’t Write a Bad Letter of Recommendation

Nobody in any kind of management position will ever write a negative letter of recommendation (at least if they’ve had even the most minimal mentoring). They might: decline to write it, write a generic one, damn you with faint praise … Continue reading

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Professors’ Best Kept Secrets

In this series on “Professors’ Best Kept Secrets,” I will reveal some real best kept secrets. I will explain connections between campus and professional contexts. But mostly these are just explanations of “what’s really going on.” And because I teach … Continue reading

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Resume Advice: Add Your Service Learning and Do It Well

Last week I re-tweeted a link to the Careerealism article about The Most Important Part of Your Resume. The article emphasizes two of my mantras when it comes to resumes: provide quantifiable information and don’t use vague descriptors. I want … Continue reading

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