Workplace Presentations: The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a presentation mode that comes from business and entrepreneurship:

The entrepreneur gives a short pitch in the time it takes to ride in an elevator and, in a wildly successful example, the venture capitalist is so interested that s/he responds with either:

“tell me more!” or

“who do I make the check out to?”  

But the elevator pitch is also a great way for you or your organization to organize your thoughts internally.  

One problem that I have is that I get so excited about my work that I could just go on and on and on talking about detailed aspects of my profession, using all kinds of jargon that nobody outside my field understands.  I do manage to convey that I’m passionate about my work, but otherwise the message is lost on the outsiders that I’m talking to.  

If you suffer from the same problem, the elevator pitch can help you rein in your excitement and concentrate it in a tight 30-second pitch that you could deliver in an elevator. It consists of three steps:  

1- what is the unmet need (the problem, the “pain”)?

2- what exists now to address that problem?

3- what’s your solution that’s even better than what already exists?

The elevator pitch for this website might be:

1- graduating students need specific document preparation and presentation skills in order to be successful in their job hunting and careers

2- universities provide lots of practice with writing and presenting in academic contexts

3- we help students translate those skills into practical, professional documents and presentations, such as cover letters, letter of recommendation requests, presentation etiquette, and…elevator pitches.

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