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Interview Tips from and Careerealism

When you go to an interview, are you ready to show that you possess these three key qualities: strengths required to do the job, motivation to do the job, and fit with the organizational culture? Can you use experiences you’ve … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Interview the Interviewers

Interviews: don’t forget that you are interviewing them, too! Looking back on all the job interviews I’ve had that didn’t go well, I can see that while it’s true I didn’t pass the real-world tests required to get a job … Continue reading

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Resume Tips from Forbes, Fins and Business Insider

Check out this article about terms to avoid when preparing your resume. But don’t despair when following that advice leaves holes in your resume.   Yes, you should take out words like experienced, leadership, dynamic, and good communicator. But you should still … Continue reading

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Letters of Recommendation: This Will Definitely NOT Be on the Test

The “this will definitely NOT be on the test” series is devoted to those things that fall into the cracks between what college prepares you for and what your employers need you to be prepared for. One small example is … Continue reading

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True Confessions of a Self-Centered Workaholic

Here’s my first true confession: I have lived a Darcy-centric life for every day of my 40+ years. I am the youngest of four children. And the youngest by a lot: when I was born, there was a seven-year-old, a … Continue reading

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Workplace Presentations: The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a presentation mode that comes from business and entrepreneurship: The entrepreneur gives a short pitch in the time it takes to ride in an elevator and, in a wildly successful example, the venture capitalist is so … Continue reading

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